Light for smart cities and public spaces

The ‘Smart City’ concept aims to remove obstacles from public life and connect citizens with information to facilitate routine activities. Using a city’s municipal lighting infrastructure not only to control lights but also to collect and distribute information can create incredible synergies.

Lighting solutions for transport infrastructure

Street lights

Maximise illumination, minimise wasted energy

REXLED (Rexnamo Brand) not only offers state-of-the-art, energy-saving LED street lights with excellent luminance properties. Our powerline network-based Street Light Control (SLC) light management system also allows the operator to control and monitor lights individually, in groups, or by entire streets or blocks using computer software. Illumination of streets and squares can be dimmed automatically and dynamically depending on daytime and seasonal conditions, and error messages can be recorded and categorised automatically for efficient operational decision-making. Advanced wireless networking technology opens up new opportunities to integrate additional smart functionality into street illumination networks. Individual light poles may serve as multifunctional stations capable of charging e-bikes, monitoring parking space availability or measuring air quality.

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