Quotations and Inquiries for Wholesale or Container Load Quantities

Quotations and Inquiries for Wholesale or Container Load Quantities

Please contact our sales representatives via e-mail, fax or phone to request quotes for wholesale, LCL (less than container load) or container purchases or visit our wholesale website for Residential/Commercial/Christmas and party lighting products at www.rexled.in

Wholesale Purchases for Resale Accounts

Are you a:

  • lighting distributor
  • lighting retailer
  • event planner/florist
  • display installer
  • electrical contractor

We do offer competitive distributor and wholesale/corporate account pricing, which is lower than our published website prices. Please contact us for a distributor catalog and price list. Because our distributor prices are based on higher volume purchases, and in turn, lower processing costs, we do have a minimum order amount of $100 / ₹6600 (excluding shipping and taxes), otherwise a handling fee of $8 / ₹500 is added to your order.

If your business is seasonal, we do recommend that you place orders or at least provide order forecasts during late summer to early fall, to ensure that we have your products in stock by the time your busy season begins.

LCL (Less Than Container Load) and Container Purchases/Imports

REXLED has 23 years of experience in manufacturing quality goods for overseas, and work directly with electrical/lighting distributors to provide the best service, product quality and pricing for our customers.

We export the following: Christmas lights, commercial decorative lights, Christmas trees and wreaths, LED lights, lighting electrical components and paper lanterns.

We take care of all the logistics involved in direct importing, including customs, duties, shipping and delivery to your location. Remember that we are direct manufacturers; we do not use manufacturer reps, trading companies or other third-party sales agents. Every year we make several trips overseas to meet with our vendors and inspect their manufacturing facilities. We believe that establishing a direct relationship with our vendors is crucial for the best service and quality for us and our customers.

In addition to retail customers, our customer base includes retailers (both brick-and-mortar and online), Christmas decoration retailers and commercial installers. Feel free to send us inquiries for any products that may require custom specifications. Our vendors sell a much larger selection of commercial, residential and decorative lighting products than what we carry, and often times may create or already sell unique products that you may be looking for.

Our contact information:

By e-mail: info@rexled.in

By phone:

Monday to Friday (excluding major holidays)
9:00am to 5:30pm (IST) Indian Standard Time
There is a $100.00 minimum for phone orders.

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