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RexLED ( Rexnamo ) is a diversified health, eco-friendly and well-being company, focused on improving people’s lives through timely innovations. The issues we deal with are too important. This is simply about doing what’s right for the world around us while advancing lives with the brightest, cleanest, and most sound technological advancements.
It is one of the world’s fastest growing and most admired company. It operates in 6 countries with Fortune 500 clients and Local Government across different sectors.
In addition to being a world leader in LED technology, REXLED (Rexnamo Branded Products) is committed in creating highly efficient products and production systems that minimize wastage, reduce energy consumption and limit environmental impact.

The company manufactures electric vehicles, proprietary solar based solutions, energy efficient lighting solutions and new lighting applications. The group also forayed into hospitality industry for personal well-being to escape from hectic urban lifestyle.

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  1. With a team of a clever mix of technologists and environmentalists,
  2. make a sustainable and eco-friendly world .
  3. by thinking globally and starting locally
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Global Thinking

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Naman Chopra (Hindi: नमन; born Sept 17, 1988) is an award winning Indian entrepreneur, hotelier, automotive writer, humanitarian and the founder of Rexnamo automotive and lighting group. Currently he and his team of skilled engineers and designers are building the fastest (and cleanest) cars and bikes of India. He also founded a solar energy based company and LED Lighting conglomerate with trademarks such as Rexnamo. He is based in Delhi NCR area.

After getting early schooling in India, Naman attended Purdue University in U.S.A. where he developed a better understanding of science, literature, sports and politics; areas that would hold him in good stead in the future.

At the age of 14, Naman finished building his first car which he started when he was just 12 years old. He named it “Solid”, its a little 2-seater red sports car made on Maruti Van platform. A year later he built his second car, a much better improved car over “Solid”. it is a 6 seater Black Stretch Limousine made on Daewoo Cielo Platform.

He also is a former race car driver. He qualified for the 52nd running race for Purdue Grand Prix 2010 in the USA.

On 10th November 2012 he was awarded one ‘Youth Entrepreneur Green Award’ by the Renewable Energy Expo & IYCN in Greater Noida.

Recognized by Rotary International as a Paul Harris Fellow for donation to Rotary Foundation. Recognition as a Paul Harris Fellow is not Rotary International’s highest award, although it is an honour to be named a Paul Harris Fellow.

And won and participated in several other award events at state and university level in fields of Computers, Renewables, Design, Golf and Car Racing.

  • Two Time – All India Finalist of Economic Times:Power of Ideas Business Plan Competition
  • Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship Competition USA
  • Discovery Undergraduate Research Internship, Purdue USA
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Internship, Purdue USA
  • Purdue Golf Tournament Intramural
  • Lafayette Men’s City Championships USA
  • Purdue Grand Prix 2010 Racing driver, 2008 Pit Crew
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Naman Chopra

Umesh Chopra

Suruchi Bamba


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