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Quotations and Inquiries for Wholesale or Container Load Quantities

Quotations and Inquiries for Wholesale or Container Load Quantities Please contact our sales representatives via e-mail, fax or phone to request quotes for wholesale, LCL (less than container load) or container purchases or visit our wholesale website for Residential/Commercial/Christmas and party lighting products at Wholesale Purchases for Resale Accounts Are you a: lighting distributor lighting retailer event planner/florist display installer […]

Light for smart cities and public spaces

The ‘Smart City’ concept aims to remove obstacles from public life and connect citizens with information to facilitate routine activities. Using a city’s municipal lighting infrastructure not only to control lights but also to collect and distribute information can create incredible synergies. Lighting solutions for transport infrastructure Street lights Maximise illumination, minimise wasted energy REXLED […]

Why REXLED (Rexnamo)?

Highest level of energy saving efficiency with the highest lumen output levels, longest life hours, the best color rendering, strong light throw and effective beam spreads to create the ultimate in LED Lamps and Fixtures Highest safety standards of CE with respect to the use of fire retardant materials, the strain relief for connections, insulation checks, […]