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Courier (for small shipments)

Transport (larger shipments)

Cash on delivery (Rs. 100 surcharge in most cases, but may vary)

Usually 3 to 15 days is our lead time.

Just use contact form on our website or just email info@rexled.in

Product Returns are return shipping payable by the customer (you). If the product has some defect or you wish to send it back for a full refund just contact us on info@rexled.in or use the contact-us page.

IES files contain photometric data. The majority of REXLED Lighting fixtures have IES files which can be downloaded by clicking the icon adjacent to the product description tables on our website.

LED product life is defined differently from traditional light sources and is the maintained lumens of the product (lumen maintenance), if there are no product failures. Rated life is usually limited to 6 times the actual measured lumen maintenance. Projected or Calculated Life is calculated to project the number of hours when the LEDs will reach 70% of their initial lumens (L70).

UL (Underwriters Laboratory) & ETL (Intertek) – Organizations which will certify the safety of a product if the product passes series of rigorous testing protocols. LED lamps with internal drivers can be tested against these protocols. Not all LED lamps are UL or ETL Listed. Venture has taken the added steps to gain this approval.

Energy Star & Design Lights Consortium (DLC) – Organizations which will certify the performance of a product. Products are approved by the appropriate organization which reviews the lamp efficiency, CCT, CRI, electrical characteristics, and life data to confirm the product meets the acceptability criteria established for a product category. Not all LED products are Energy Star Certified or DLC Certified.

For India- There is BIS approval required for LED lamps and products. This is also called an ISI mark.

The surge protection devices utilized in REXLED’s lighting systems are designed to be transparent at end of life, keeping the lights ON for safety and security

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